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The Last Imprint is the story of an amazing gift that becomes a devastating curse. Dr. Maxine Factor is an imprint, a person who can view the past through the eyes of her ancestors. So, she can actually see history in the first person as it happened. That means Factor could learn the unvarnished truth about the past and know how much of our culture is based on fact and how much is tethered to myth. Because of that ability, she is being hunted by those who fear what she learns might shake the foundations of governments and religions. Set in locales across the globe, with a cast of characters that possess unchecked ambitions, unbounded fears, questionable motives, and deep flaws, this rapidly paced novel takes readers on a frantic life and death ride that doesn’t let up until the last page. The Last Imprint is more than an adventure novel, it’s a book that will leave readers wondering if the memories of past ancestors really are locked into their DNA waiting to be awakened. And if that’s true, could they or anyone else hold onto their sanity when the experiences of hundreds of others are haunting their every waking hour. Simply put, The Last Imprint is like nothing you’ve ever read.

The Last Imprint - Softcover

  • Release Date: May 23, 2023

    Author: Ace Collins

    Book: Perfectbound - 6" x 9"

    Page Count: 448

    Case Quantity: 18 books

    ISBN: 9781950465576

    Publisher: The Core Media Group, Inc.

  • The Core Media Group, Inc. will appear on your bank or credit card statement for any purchases of the book The Last Imprint made on this website.

Reviews for The Last Imprint

Obsessed with this one! I have never heard this kind of story before. Phenomenally written and so original. Definitely a reread again and again and again!


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